Feeding The Machine - Pt I

A Crown Of Worms

In Dead Eyes

Welcome To The Sixth Stage Of Grief

For I Am Machine

Beast Of Dread

To get the most out of the individual songs and promoting them to their best extent, Feeding The Machine is released in two parts. The focus for part one will be mainly on digital releases including several video clips and singles. Part 2 will be recorded in May 2023 to be released around summer time. Once both releases are out a physical release will be done.


Feeding The Machine - Part 1 was recorded at the end of Summer 22 at Project Zero studio by Yarne Heylen. Mixing and mastering was done by Dan Swanö.


Where Dress Code: Blood was heavily inspired by the iconic Swedish death metal bands from the 90's, Feeding The Machine goes a step further than that.  With wider influences of iconic 90's death metal acts like Morbid Angel and Death, Feeding The Machine hits even harder. The first video and single for For I Am Machine will be released on January 5th.


"A wall of sound from a well oiled and precicely tuned engine!"

Album review - 93% - Amped-up

"Mordkaul destroyed the place and the moshpit was working overtime"

Headline show review - Gent (Sold out)

"Mordkaul is on the warpath!"

Album review - 90% - Rock Tribune

"Perfectly executed music and a stunning stage. A dream start of the day!"

Festival review - Alcatraz

"I'm very ready to call this a perfect record"

Album review - 98% - Metal Archives



A dark and evil mood, an infernal drive and incendiary vocals on top is how MORDKAUL likes to forge their killer songs.

The members of this Belgium based band share a mutual passion for 90's melodic death metal, and with the splitting up of their former bands Diablo Blvd and Hell City, they finalized the tracks Tim Bekaert started writing a few years back.

In January 2021 MORDKAUL’s debut album Dress Code: Blood was released on Wormholedeath Records. Dress Code: Blood was recorded with Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates) on drums and the mixing and mastering of the album was done by Dan Swano (Opeth, Bloodbath…)

International reviews of both the album as the live shows have been fantastic to say the least. MORDKAUL played several sold out shows and festivals like Alcatraz (BE).

With the new record, Mordkaul is ready to take the world by storm...